Last update: 09/17/2018

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us.  None of our apps send your data to us or any 3rd party companies. If you delete the app, your data is deleted with the app deletion.


Data Collection:

Glassed Violet as the company, programmers, and other employees do not collect data from our apps.  The app stores all data you enter on the app locally on your device only.  This data may include but is not limited to kid’s names, chore names, and payment amounts, seizure types, seizure notes, building costs, building estimates.  This data does not leave the app as an export, of any kind to Glassed Violet as the company, programmers, and/or other employees.


The apps do not and cannot connect to an internet source to send data out.  Some of the links within the app will open the link to Apple’s App Store.  Before going to the Apple App Store links, the app will prompt you to see if you want to go.  Facebook and Twitter links will go directly to Glassed Violet’s pages for these social medias, using your Internet app on the device.

Contacting Support:

Contacting Glassed Violet technical support via the in-app contact link, opens your, the user’s mail app on the device to fulfill this.


Our apps do not and will not ask for your location to determine any information at all.