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Welcome to Seizure Watch. Seizure Watch lets you log seizure times as they happen on your iPhone and iPad. You can also track the medications you or someone you love takes, and set notifications to remind you of them.

No creating/logging into an online account to manage. Just get in and start using. Easy to use, no clutter design allows for quick use. It gets you using the app quickly for the important things.

If you are ready for a no-clutter, easy to use seizure tracking app, purchase Seizure Watch today. Spend more time taking care of your loved ones and less time trying to figure out the app.


  • Simple, easy to use design, makes it easy to get started.
  • Log and save seizure times quickly and reference them later.
  • Seizure types tracked include: Atonic, Atypical, Aura,
    Clonic, Complex Partial, Febrile, Myoclonic, Non-Epileptic,
    Refractory, Simple Partial, Tonic, Tonic-Clonic!
  • Keep a running total of the seizures tracked by the app.
  • Track hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds in a log.
  • Add notes specific to a logged seizure!
  • Medication list with or without reminders.
  • Export Seizure Log, Notes and New Medication List!
  • Log/save medications and create notifications to remind you.
  • Medication notifications can be hourly, daily and weekly.
  • Print seizure: log, notes, and meds list to wifi-enabled printer!
  • Export seizure: log, notes, and meds list as PDF now!
  • Search bar for Seizure Log to search for specifics.
  • Links to helpful websites online for seizure information.


  • Universal app works on both the iPhone and iPad.
  • Optimized for the iPhone 6/s and 6/s Plus larger screen sizes.
  • Works on iPad 2 and newer.
  • Works on iPhone 4s and newer.
  • Supports iOS 8.0+, including new iOS 9.
  • Supports: iOS 9 Multitasking
  • 64-bit support

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